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Kerala Transport Company made a humble beginning in the year 1958. From there its growth to the KTC Group, one of the biggest business houses is simply astounding and marvelous.

Though our Founder is not physically with us, his untiring enthusiasm, his dedication to work, his farsighted vision still guide and inspire us to lead the organization in the path of continued progress. The Group's turnover exceeds Rs.300 crores and its contribution to the various fields of its activities are widely appreciated and acclaimed.

Innovative changes in the Group's administrative setup and operations are on the anvil making use of the latest trends in Information Technology and Office Automation. Computerisation and rationalization of office administration is fast progressing.

All our units together employ over 4000 persons directly and more than10000 persons indirectly. We are eager to create more and more employment opportunities, thus contributing our might towards alleviating the acute unemployment problem the country is confronted with.

The operations at KTC are geared to continuously strive for and attain the objective of total customer satisfaction.

We have our well-knit network of Branches and outstation offices all over the country where we have vast number of direct and indirect employees of different religion, caste, creed and regions. These employees interact frequently on a wide scale among themselves and with our numerous customers. So this large scale and effective interaction contributes considerably to the National Integration, the need of the hour.

We are poised for bigger and concerted efforts in the fields of our activities. At the same time we are forging ahead with ambitious plans to embark on expansion of our activities and to step into pastures anew, contributing our might to the industrial and commercial development of the country.

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